Belmont’s Youngest Jedis, Vaders, Princess Leias Prepare for ‘Star Wars’

Photo: An entire empire of characters of the Star War films at the Belmont Public Library.

They came to the Belmont Public Library on Sunday, Dec. 12 with their lightsabers, Jedi robes, and Princess Leia hairdo; miniature versions of the characters from Star Wars that they and many of their parents know, getting ready to attend the latest edition of the film franchise, “The Force Awakens” that opens on Thursday, Dec. 17.

And just as excited for the new movie to come out is Belmont Public Library’s director, Peter Struzziero, who calls himself one of the biggest Star Wars fans ever. In fact, it was Struzziero who brought the kids and parents to the library. No, he didn’t use Jedi mind games, rather, Struzziero hosted the “Stars Wars Symposium,” a workshop program that he created (along with a school teacher) that encourages kids to dress up in their favorite costumes from the Star Wars films to play educational games and trivia about the series.

For the past five years, he has been going to library branches across the state to learn about the science behind Star Wars, discuss the characters from the films, learn trivia, play with toys and watch videos about the films.


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