Belmont’s Student Musicians Excel At Senior District Festival

Photo: Belmont High School musicians at MMEA NE Senior District Festival.

By¬†Arto Asadoorian,¬†Belmont Public Schools’ Director of Visual and Performing Arts.

This past Saturday, Nov. 17, 134 students from the Belmont High Music Band, Chorus and Orchestra programs auditioned for the 2019 Massachusetts Music Educators Association (MMEA) Northeast Senior District Festival.

Each student was asked to perform excerpts from a selected solo or choral work, as well as to demonstrate technical proficiency on a variety of scales and sight-reading exercises. Jazz musicians were also required to improvise solos to the selected piece for their audition.

The process of preparing for auditions like this is rigorous, and it takes a great deal of courage to walk into an audition room and put your work on display. Congratulations to all 134 BHS students who took the opportunity to audition on Saturday for your hard work and determination.

The following 74 students were selected to participate in the 2019 MMEA-Northeast Senior District Festival Band, Chorus, Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble, which will take place in early January 2019. It is worth noting that many of the students who were not accepted to participate were only within one or two points of being accepted, and we know that they are certainly Senior District-caliber musicians regardless of the outcome of this one audition.

In addition, 37 students earned the opportunity to audition for the MMEA All-State Festival. Those auditions will take place at the end of January, and students will compete for the chance to perform at the All-State Festival in Boston at the beginning of March.

Angus Abercrombie Chorus
Idris Abercrombie Trombone (All-State Recommendation)
Rebecca Anderson Tuba (All-State Recommendation)
Katherine Arkin Oboe
Zoe Armstrong Chorus
Pierre Ayer Chorus
Eli Barnes Chorus (All-State Recommendation)
Lot Bates Cello (All-State Recommendation)
Owen Chan Percussion
Alyssa Chen Violin (All-State Recommendation)
Jason Chen Clarinet (All-State Recommendation)
Katarina Chen Viola
Caleb Christensen Chorus
Grace Christensen Chorus (All-State Recommendation)
Liam Cmok-Kehoe Chorus
Andrew Cubstead Chorus
Margo Danahy Viola
Phoebe Derba String Bass
Chantal Dunn Chorus
Garrett Eagar Trombone
Joia Findeis Viola (All-State Recommendation)
Mariko Findell Euphonium
Jessica Giorgio Chorus
Christopher Giron Bassoon (All-State Recommendation)
Anthony Haddad Jazz Bass (All-State Recommendation)
Lydia Haddad French Horn (All-State Recommendation)
Honor Hickman Flute (All-State Recommendation)
Aditya Jain Jazz Trombone (All-State Recommendation)
Allen Jang Chorus
Seiyoung Jang Trumpet (All-State Recommendation)
David Jen Chorus
Ethan Jin Jazz Trumpet (All-State Recommendation)
Nate Jones Jazz Trombone (All-State Recommendation)
Tilly Jones Flute (All-State Recommendation)
Daniel Joh Kang Violin (All-State Recommendation)
Emily Kim Violin
Isabelle Kim Violin (All-State Recommendation)
Francesca Kitch Violin
Megan Kornberg Oboe (All-State Recommendation)
Isaac Laing Cello (All-State Recommendation)
Edward Lee Chorus (All-State Recommendation)
Gaeun Lee Clarinet
Miro Leeb Viola
Philip Lynch Trumpet (All-State Recommendation)
Yatin Mankan Chorus
Jackson Mann Chorus (All-State Recommendation)
Clare Martin Alto Saxophone (All-State Recommendation)
Colin Martin Bassoon (All-State Recommendation)
Elizabeth Mason Chorus
Noah Merfeld Chorus
Matthew Miller Clarinet
Charlotte Nilsen String Bass
Lora Ovcharova French Horn
Alex Park Jazz Trumpet (All-State Recommendation)
Chloe Park Trombone (All-State Recommendation)
Jessica Peng Flute (All-State Recommendation)
Lila Searls Alto Saxophone (All-State Recommendation)
Irene Son Clarinet (All-State Recommendation)
Ian Svetkey Chorus (All-State Recommendation)
Jason Tang Clarinet
Soleil Tseng Violin
Cooper Valentine Chorus
Shankar Veludandi Chorus
Joshua Wan Trumpet
Albert Wang Cello
Andy Wei Flute
Alex Wilk Viola (All-State Recommendation)
Bianca Windemuth Viola
Andrew Xu Bass Clarinet (All-State Recommendation)
Alex Yang Cello
Jimi Yao-Smith Trumpet
Daniel Zhang Tenor Saxophone (All-State Recommendation)
Kenneth Zhou Tuba (All-State Recommendation)
Henry Zuccharello Trombone (All-State Recommendation)


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