Belmont’s Food Pantry On The Move; And It Needs Your Help July 30

Photo: The new logo.

Like a friend who calls in July and August, the Belmont Food Pantry wants to know:

“Can you help them move to their new home?”

The Belmont Food Pantry is on the move, and by the end of next week – if all goes to plan – the site which serves nearly 200 residents will be up and running at its new location near Waverley Square. 

After being forced to find a new place after the Belmont School Department was forced by skyrocketing enrollment to take back the two modular rooms behind Belmont High School, Mount Hope Church at 51 Lexington St. offered approximately 1,600 sq.-ft. in its basement for the food pantry’s relocation, said long-time manager Patricia Mihelich. 
The pantry’s new home has a ramp into the building, a new lift to the basement where the bathrooms are located.
But like any new home, you have to find a way to move the contents to the new place. According to Mihelich, moving day is Saturday, July 30th starting at 8 a.m
“As the saying goes ‘All Hands on Deck’ is needed for this day,” she said in an email to supporters.
In addition to residents with strong backs, Mihelich will need some handy persons with experience in construction.
“The preparation of the space will take some time, so we are also working on a temporary space to go to during that time.  I am working on the solution regarding this, and everything should be finalized by Monday,” she said.
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