Belmont Votes: State Primary Election; Polls Open 7AM – 8PM


Voting in the Massachusetts State Primary will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 4. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Your enrollment as a voter will determine which party ballot you can choose.

A voter enrolled in one of the three Massachusetts political parties, can only vote the ballot for that specific party, represented by these letters:

  • D – Democratic Party
  • R – Republican Party
  • L – Libertarian Party

A registered Democrat cannot vote a Republican or Libertarian ballot; a registered Republican cannot vote a Democratic or Libertarian ballot; a registered Libertarian cannot vote a Democratic or Republican ballot.

Only voters who are not affiliated with a political party, called Unenrolled (U – commonly known as No Party or “Independent”) can ask for any party ballot on Primary Day.

If you belong to a minor party which is not holding a primary – for example, the Green, Socialist, American Independent or Pirate parties – you will not have the chance to vote for in this election.


Voters who have not returned a town census this year are classified as “inactive” voters, a status that requires the voter to present identification at the polling station in order to return to the active voting rolls.

Voters should consider carrying an ID when going to vote to make the process simpler on election day.


  • Precinct 1: Belmont Memorial Library, Assembly Room, 336 Concord Ave.
  • Precinct 2: Belmont Town Hall, Selectmen’s Room, 455 Concord Ave.
  • Precinct 3: Beech Street Center, 266 Beech St.
  • Precinct 4 Daniel Butler School Gym, 90 White St.
  • Precinct 5 Beech Street Center, 266 Beech St.
  • Precinct 6 Belmont Fire Headquarters, 299 Trapelo Rd.
  • Precinct 7 Burbank School Gym, 266 School St.
  • Precinct 8 Winn Brook School Gym, 97 Waterhouse Rd., Enter From Cross Street

If you would like further clarification or have any other questions related to the upcoming election, please check the Town Clerk’s webpages then select Departments, Town Clerk and click on any of the Election links on the left side of the page or call the Belmont Town Clerk’s Office at 617-993-2600 or email to

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