Belmont Selectmen Seek Residents to Join Committee to Implement Community Path

Now is the time to decide the when, where, what, why and how much of a community path running through the heart of Belmont.

After more than two decades after it was first suggested, the Belmont Board of Selectmen last week created the Community Path Implementation Advisory Committee, a five-member temporary advisory committee which will recommend strategies for the design, construction and implementation of a multi-use path from the approved route selected by the selectmen earlier this year.

The routes are included in the final report of the Community Path Advisory Committee submitted in June.

The committee will also identify funding sources for a feasibility study of the route options, which will include a technical evaluation.  The feasibility study will allow the town to establish a cost estimate to be used in the development of capital budget planning and solicit grant funds to fund the project.

For supporters of the multi-use path running from Cambridge to Waltham, the selectmen’s decision to move on the project is good news.

“This is great news. Support in town for the path in Belmont is strong. It looks as if the [Selectmen] recognize that and are embracing the recommendations of their Community Path Advisory Committee. I’m happy and relieved to see that,” said Paul Roberts, who noted the committee needs the right blend of skill and expertise to pursue answers to some important questions. 

“It is also critical that the Selectmen give committee members a free hand to pursue all the options that are on the table regarding the routes and possible features of the path,” said Roberts.

“The Community Path Implementation Committee should pursue and incorporate the best advice from experts and engineers  so that the final plan – whatever it is – will be one that is in the long-term best interests of the town and the hundreds of thousands of individuals who will use the path in the decades to come,” he said. 

Residents with experience in the design, construction and implementation of similar projects are highly encouraged to apply.

Applications should include a completed Community Volunteer Interest Form and Resume. The form is available in the Office of the Board of Selectmen or online.

Please submit all applications to the Selectmen’s Office or by e-mail to by Monday, Nov. 24.

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