Belmont High Sheltered in Place During Bomb Hoax That Struck The Region

Photo: Belmont High School.

In a more innocent time, pulling the fire alarm on the day the Red Sox opened the season in Boston – so they could sneak out in the confusion – was considered par for the course in student stupidity.

That is no longer the case in the world today.

When Belmont High School officials received a robocall this morning just before 9 a.m., Monday, April along with more than a dozen high schools in greater Boston, the school’s students were sheltered in place for 50 minutes until the threat was declared over. 

“We just remained in classes,” a student text to the Belmontonian. “No one could leave the class but there was no learning disruption,” the student added.

While the school was in place, Belmont Police officers along with Belmont Fire conducted a sweep of the school, searching trash cans and closet spaces. Belmont’s K9 Grim also was used. The students were not evacuated during the threat assessment. 

Coincidentally, Grim along with several other K-9 teams from area police and public safety agencies conducting a routine sweep of Belmont High School on Friday morning, April 8.

“We knew that other schools were being called so we knew it was some kind of hoax,” said another BHS student who contacted the Belmontonian.

Belmont High Principal Dan Richards sent an e-mail blast to parents advising them of the situation.

“[Public Safety officials] have deemed the threat to not be credible. At this time I am lifting the “Hold in Place” and students should report to their … class,” said Richards.

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