Belmont Fire Log: Idling Vehicle Caused CO Alarms to Sound

Locked out, the series

Feb. 2 – Just before 7:30 p.m., crews clambered to Slade Street to help a resident who locked themselves out of their home.

Water from the attic

Feb. 2 – Just after 7:30 p.m., Engine 1 took off for a York Road single family to investigate a water problem. Turns out a water leak developed in the attic and damaged not only the roof, but also knocked out a hard-wired, second-floor bedroom smoke detector. The firefighters advised the owner to contact a licensed electrician to check the wiring and contact a roof repair company. The homeowner decided to relocate her family at a local hotel for the night.

Dangerous act

Feb. 3 – A few minutes after 10 a.m., fire crews from Engine 2 and Rescue 1 were sent to a Thomas Street house after a carbon monoxide detector began sending an alarm to dispatchers. While the homeowners had just left as the fire equipment arrived, a neighbor let the companies into the house. Inside, the fire personnel did detect elevated levels of the gas. The friendly neighbor said he might know the reason for the spike in the readings: the homeowners had turned on and allowed their vehicle to idle in the attached garage.

Locked in, the series

Feb. 3 – At 20 minutes ’til 11 a.m., fire crews headed off to a location on Agassiz Avenue; a resident was locked-in a vehicle.

Long burn

Feb. 4 – Just about 4:30 p.m., firefighters were sent to check on a person in a building on Trapleo Road. They could find the person either inside or outside the dwelling, but they did discover the electric stove burner on.

Locked out, the series

Feb. 4 – At five minutes past 4:30 p.m., crews were dispatched to Garfield Road to help another resident who was locked out of their house.

Marsh gas

Feb. 5 – At a quarter ’til 6 p.m., firefighters headed out to a location on Marsh Street for a natural gas leak. A neighbor said leaking gas was an ongoing problem. It sure is; two days later, fire crews were dispatched once again to the same address for the same problem.

Solution turns into a problem

Feb. 6 – A little after 1 p.m., the entire fire force was off to a home on Shaw Road for a reported building fire. On arrival, the crews could see flames showing from the roof. As Engine 2 placed a roof ladder on the side of the house, it was discovered the heating wire meant to melt roof ice was on fire. As crews held the fire in check with a Dry-Chem extinguisher, the Ladder 1 firefighters entered the house to shut off the electricity. Once the power was off, the companies extinguished the fire and overhauled the scene. Wire inspectors responded along with the home owner to the inspect the damage.


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