Belmont Fire Log: ‘Friendly’ Fire and How to Cut a Gas Line

Under a “friendly” fire
Aug. 3: A minute before 3 p.m., Engine 1 was sent to the corner of Beech Street and Wilson Avenue for a report of smoke in the area. The fire crew found a “friendly” fire – BBQ – in rear of a Beech Street house. The homeowner was told if excessive smoke not controlled then it needs to be extinguish.

Cut gas line 
Aug. 4: Engine 1 was sent to the corner of Hawthorne Street and Trapelo Road just four minutes before 4 p.m. to investigate the gas leak. Once at the location, the firefighters staged up-wind across from Sycamore Street where they met a road construction crew which admitted that they “accidentally” severed a gas line. The fire crew could see the cut gas line and could see the gas venting into the air. They soon went door-to-door to check building for any build-up of gas inside the structures. The fire command requested Belmont Police to re-direct traffic flow away from the hazard. The gas company, National Grid, arrived on scene and soon controlled the flow of gas. While they were at the scene, the crew pointed out to a Trapelo Road landlord the old cigarette butts in back hallway and the excess storage in his basement.
The wall came tumbling down
Aug. 6: A quarter past 7 a.m., a fire crew took off to the corner of Brighton and Cross streets for a possible gas leak coming from a Belmont Water Department trench which had a 16-inch gas line and an abandoned 6-inch gas line they dug to fix a water leak. Department workers noted that a part of the trench wall had collapse since they last worked on it exposing an opening in the 6-inch gas line. But once the department workers removed one of the two plates covering the trench, the gas could not be detected. National Grid responded and their representative informed of the on-scene condition by the Fire and Water departments.
Oops, we did it again
Aug. 7: At 9:23 a.m., Engine 2 was sent to a location on Concord Avenue due to an outside odor of gas. On arrival, the crew talked to Feeney Construction personnel that were on site and they said they accidentally ruptured a 3-inch gas line. National Grid was on the scene and and shut down the gas supply prior.
Smoke-like flavor
Aug. 8: About a quarter past 3 p.m., all companies and a Watertown Fire Department engine were dispatched to Eastern Lamejun Bakers on Belmont Street for smoke in the basement. The Engine 1 crew entered the building where they discovered an overheated conveyor motor located in the basement. The bakery’s staff used a chemical extinguisher to put out the fire prior to the department’s arrival. The motorized unit was shut down by Engine 1 and the residual smoke was vented by natural means. The conveyor was red tagged and the property representative was informed not to operate the unit until it has been serviced by a licensed technician.
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