The Week’s News: Selling Parking Lots and Compromise, Celebrating a Garden

Photo: Those responsible for the Belmont High garden. 

Eight years after first proposing the scheme and two since winning approval to build the multi-use development, the Board of Selectmen approves the sale of the municipal parking lot on Trapelo Road to the development team seeking to build the 168,000 sq.-ft. Cushing Village project.

Both sides of the “Town Green” dispute are now speaking of creating a compromise design with the help of former Selectman Ralph Jones.

There are new parking meters in the Belmont Center and Waverley municipal parking lots, each will accept credit cards.

Now in its second year, Belmont High students are tending their garden with the goal of helping those in need.

Thanks to many groups and individuals, the commuter rail bridge in Belmont Center is getting its face cleaned.

Not every home in Belmont sells for seven figures