Community Path Public Meeting Set For Thursday, July 16, 7PM

Photo: The community path in Belmont

The Belmont Community Path Project Committee is holding a remote public information meeting Thursday, July 16 with the the town’s engineering consultant Nitsch Engineering to go over Phase 1 of the Community Path project.

The meeting will be a presentation by the Boston-based engineering firm regarding the draft 25 percent design plans for the community path, and an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback on the draft design.

The presentation will include the path from the Clark Street bridge to the Belmont/Cambridge line and the proposed pedestrian tunnel under the MBTA commuter rail tracks at Alexander Avenue.

The CPPC also encourages you to review the draft design plans, which are posted and available for download on Nitsch’s project website at

This important milestone helps the project advance and remain on track to receive funding as part of the state’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).  

The meeting will be held at 7 p.m., and you can find the agenda and Zoom sign-in information is available on the town’s website:


FOR PARTICIPANTS: The Community Path Project Committee meeting will start at 7:00 P.M. and you may join the meeting remotely starting at 6:50 P.M.  The meeting will also be broadcast and recorded by the Belmont Media Center.



Enter your Full Name under participant if you would like to provide comments and feedback (only those with a name entered will be allowed to comment and provide feedback to the CPPC team)

When prompted by the meeting chair, you can “raise your hand” to be recognized by the meeting host

Comments will be limited by the Chair, shall be concise, and shall not repeat previous comments or questions presented by others before you Chair is not obligated to recognize all comments and may end comment period prior to your comment being heard


  • Dial-in: 1-929-205-6099
  • If you would like to provide comments: press *9 when prompted
  • When the host is ready for you, you will be called on by your phone number or name (when prompted always start by presenting your full name)


  • Channel 8 on Comcast
  • Channel 28 or 2130 on Verizon

Original Meeting Notice MeetingDownload

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  1. says

    P Doggy: I don’t think Uber allows bikes in their cars. Perhaps you could volunteer to drive everyone down the street? I would be willing to volunteer 1 day per month to cheer you on. Let me know and I’ll start scheduling you in. Go P go!!!

  2. P says

    Phase 1 is is an amazing amount of engineering to solve a relatively simple problem — how to bike from on end of Channing to street to then other. I love biking, it’s my main transport around Boston, and generally support rail trails where they reclaim industrial blight. But is it really necessary to do this much work?

    Channing St is already among the safest, quietest, flattest, and prettiest streets to bike, jog, or walk on, for miles around.

    Why not just paint a green line down the side of Channing St., call it a day and move on to Phase 2? For $15 million dollars we could hire Uber and Lyft to drive anyone who will ever want to bike that length of street, and not disrupt anyone’s back yard.

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