New HiTech Water Meters Installment Start By New Year

Photo: You soon will use your smartphone to manage your water consumption in Belmont.

New water meters which will allow consumers to view and manage their water consumption in real time will begin being installed town wide by the New Year, according to the head of the Belmont Department of Public Works.

DPW Director Jay Marcotte told the Belmont Board of Selectmen on Monday night, Nov. 6 the department received at least one “legitimate” bid from four major carriers as of the Friday, Nov. 3 deadline to supply the town with next-generation meters.

The town’s meter consultant, Weston & Sampson, is currently reviewing the submission to determine if the bid meets the department’s qualifications.

The new meters will be connected via Wi-Fi and use a downloadable app; customers can access real-time reports and manage water consumption using their smartphone, said Marcotte. 

After a bid is accepted, the DPW will set out a separate proposal for the installation of the meters. Marcotte said the installation would begin around the first of the year and take between a year and 18 months to complete.

The anticipated cost of the meters and installation is approximately $2.7 million which is paid through retained earnings. 

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