Bob Reups: After Retiring, Upton Returns As Belmont’s Veterans Agent

Photo: Bob Upton, Belmont’s former/new Veterans Service Officer

You can’t keep a good person from doing what they love.

For Bob Upton, serving the veterans of Belmont was just that cause as the Veterans Service Officer who retired from his position just after Memorial Day is returning to his former post.

“I’m happy to say that Bob Upton has reconsiered retirement and is coming back,” Town Administrator Patrice Garvin told the Select Board on Aug. 8.

For Upton, being asked by the town to coordinate Belmont’s National Purple Heart Day activities held on Aug. 7 “gave me a chance to reflect upon the importance of service and sacrifice made by so many,” he told the Belmontonian via e-mail.

“It’s a great fit and a worthy effort. It made sense to me after reflecting upon my time serving as the Belmont VSO,” said Upton.

Mark Paolillo, chair of the Select Board, said the Health Department Director Wesley Chin reached out to Upton as he was coordinating the event and “he really missed what he was doing and he has such a passion for veterans and I’m thrilled to have him come back and serve with us.”

A Peabody resident, Upton – who was initially hired in Belmont in January 2015 – has been involved in supporting veterans for well over a quarter century.

“The decision to return to the position was one of personal values and appreciation of the gratitude I feel when serving our veteran community,” said Upton.

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