Belmont Fire Log: I’m Locking You Out, Mom

Where is this arc? Jan. 4 – About an hour after midnight, Engine 2 was sent to Knox Street to investigate what was reported to be outside wires arcing. Firefighters were told by a homeowner that she saw a flash and heard popping sounds which she believed came from a street light across from her home. One neighbor reported hearing […]

Show of Support: Saturday’s Rally Thanks Belmont Police

Photo: Participants at Saturday’s rally in support of the Belmont Police Department.  Despite a brilliant, cloudless day, the sun’s warmth was wanting Saturday, Jan. 10 as winter’s deep freeze arrived in Belmont. The frigid conditions did not stop between 30 to 40 residents from rallying across Concord Avenue from the Belmont Police Stations at Town […]

Belmont Joining Smart 911 Network

Many Belmont residents own smartphones. Smart watches are just around the corner. And beginning in the next few weeks, Smart 911 will be available to every Belmont resident. That’s the word from Belmont Police Chief Richard McLaughlin after he presented what was an upgrade to the town’s existing 911 system to the Belmont Board of […]

Belmont Fire Log: Toddler and Cooking Lunch Inside, Parent Locked Outside

Gas, on and off Dec. 1 – At half past 4 p.m., Engine 2 and Ladder 1 headed over the Belmont Public Library on Concord Avenue for a reported odor of gas in the building. Engine 2 investigated and found a slight odor but not of natural gas. A library representative told the crew the odor has occurred […]

Belmont Fire Log: Sleep-Deprived Tenant Speaks His Mind to Firefighter

The illustration is a detail from a larger piece called “Sleep Deprivation” by a great young artist Adam Murphy. Cooking too long Nov. 23 – At half past noon, fire companies from headquarters were dispatched to a large brick apartment building on Trapelo Road in Cushing Square after smoke was reported in a 6th-floor unit. The crew from Engine 1 […]

Belmont Fire: Don’t Get Burned on Thanksgiving

Several times in the past month, Belmont Fire Department crews have been sent to homes to put out smokey fires that started from a homeowner who took their eyes off the stovetop or oven as they prepared a meal. Nationwide, cooking caused 43 percent of reported home fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association. On Thanksgiving, a cooking fire […]

Belmont Fire Log: A Pair of Incidents Where You Could Have Used Too Many Cooks

Not on the menu Nov. 10 – A few minutes past 5 p.m., workers at a restaurant on Belmont Street called the Fire Department for a little bit of assistance; the water pump in the establishment’s basement shut down causing sewage to back up in the eatery. The owner told fire personnel he had a similar issue with the pumps in the past. […]

Belmont Fire Log: Ambulance Crew Losing Patience With Runaway Patient

Just a bit of deadly gas; nothing to worry about Oct. 19 – Just before 8 p.m., Engine 2 took off to a Stone Road house to investigate why the carbon monoxide detector was blaring. The owner said his gas stove burners and oven would “periodically” malfunction releasing gas into the house. “This is the […]

Open (Fire) House to Celebration National Fire Prevention Week

The Belmont Fire Department is holding an open house at the Fire Department Headquarters on Wednesday, Oct. 8 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. as part of National Fire Prevention Week. Demonstrations of fire prevention and safety by members of the fire department will be performed. Pizza will also be provided by Papa Ginos.  The HQ is located at 299 […]

Belmont Fire Log: Fall’s First Flue Flub Up, Barrel Blaze at Winn Brook

Barrel blaze Sept. 28 – At a quarter ’til 8 p.m., fire teams were sent to the field adjacent the Winn Brook Elementary School where they found a white plastic trash barrel on fire. Fire personnel made quick work of the blaze and the Highway Department was asked to remove and clean up the debris. Belmont Light in charge Sept 29 – […]