Letter to the Editor: Questioning Net Metering Working Group’s Bias

To the editor: The last two weeks saw a flurry of activity as the Light Board moved ever closer to embracing solar. Last week, 450 signatures of residents demanding simple retail net metering was submitted to the Light Board and, in my opinion, the Light Board started changing the Municipal Light Advisory Board (MLAB) membership to be more responsive to […]

Letter to the Editor: Fact Checking the Belmont Center ‘Bait and Switch’

To the editor: A lot of ink, digital and otherwise, has recently been spent asserting that the Belmont Center Reconstruction project has been usurped by a small “faction” of influential residents, pulling a “bait and switch” on Town Meeting, and undermining the democratic process in town. The only recourse, it is claimed, is to force the […]

Letter to the Editor: Customer Wants Bank CEO to Re-Deposit Original Center Plan

Photo: Belmont Center. [Editor’s note: This message was originally sent to Robert Mahoney, CEO of Belmont Savings Bank.] Dear Mr. Mahoney: My husband and I are customers with accounts at the Belmont savings bank. We are also residents of Belmont. We are outraged at the last minute change to plan B for the Belmont Center […]

Opinion: Chenery Students Credit to Horace Mann’s Legacy

Photo: Horace Mann Eighth-grade History is all about our changing American nation. It’s focused on the issues of 2015, but the amount of connections that students make between the past and the present by looking at the American Revolution, how our system of government formed, and how society grew and changed during the 19th century […]

Editorial: Cast Aside Politics and Fear, Vote Yes for the Override

Photo: The Yes campaigners.  The Belmontonian endorses a “yes” vote on Question 1, the Proposition 2 1/2 override measure on the ballot to be decided on Tuesday, April 7.  This question allows residents the opportunity to follow “the better angels of our nature,” when we can set aside manufactured tension and fear and replace it […]

Letter to the Editor: Lessons on Democracy from Kids in Starbucks

To the editor:  Yesterday [Sunday, April 5] after our Easter brunch was over and my uncle had gone, the kids had tired of playing both indoors and out, so we made our way to the town-center Starbucks for a change of scenery. Grouped around a table were five teenagers studying AP biology.  My six-year-old pointed […]

Opinion: Vote ‘Yes’ Tuesday to End Cycle of Underfunding Education

Photo: Campaigners at a recent Precinct Meeting. What are the schools our students deserve? That is the question facing our community next Tuesday.   As an educator, union member, taxpayer and resident of Belmont all my life, I have seen a cycle of underfunding education that has brought us to this point.  The response now from […]

Letter to the Editor: The Steak and Potatoes of Voting ‘Yes’ for the Override

Photo: Young “Yes” campaigners in Cushing Square on Saturday, March 28. To the editor: To the “distinguished” gentleman in the Lexus who gave me a thumbs down this morning [Saturday, March 28] when I was holding a YES for Belmont sign in Cushing Square: Congratulations on your success.  I’m sure you worked hard for it.  As my […]

Letter to the Editor: Vote Yes on April 7

To the editor: Vote “YES” on April 7th The need is clear: rising enrollment and costly mandates necessitate additional funding if we are to continue to offer our children a quality K-12 education. The statistics are compelling:  the total number of students has risen by 317 in the last five years. Belmont High’s Class of 2014 […]