Update: Waverley Commuter Rail Station Stays Open … For Now

Photo: The Waverley Station in Belmont. Despite being out of the running for a portion of $150 million in state-financed accessibility upgrades, Belmont’s Waverley commuter rail station will remain open while the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority seeks a variance to delay required work on the site, according to an email message from State Sen. Will Brownsberger. […]

School Committee QW: Where Do You Stand on High Stakes Testing?

Photo: The candidates: Bicer, O’Mahoney, Prestwich. The Question of the Week (QW) for the School Committee candidates: There is a bill in the legislature (H 340) sponsored by the state’s teachers union to halt statewide student testing, calling for a three-year moratorium on the implementation of PARCC – which Belmont has been a test community – […]

School Committee Drop Religious Holidays from Calendar, Start Year Post Labor Day

Photo: Speaker at the School Committee meeting. Dr. David Alper is at right. A year after joining most neighboring communities by adding Yom Kippur and keeping Good Friday as school holidays, the Belmont School Committee did a complete “about face” and voted on Tuesday, March 22 to rid the 2016-17 school calendar of all days […]

Cushing Village 2.0: Toll Brothers Project’s New Owner As Starr Falls

 Photo: Toll Brother’s Bill Lovett. After more than two-and-a-half years of delays and broken promises, the long-troubled Cushing Village multiuse development entered a new chapter Tuesday, March 22 as national real estate firm Toll Brothers announced its purchase of the project’s development rights and two land parcels from original owner Smith Legacy Partners completed on March 14. With Smith […]

Reportedly Belmont Signing On To Proposal to Start HS A Little Later in Day

Photo: A little more sleep for high school students is being proposed by superintendents whose schools participate in the Middlesex League. Belmont High students shouldn’t just yet set forward the time their alarms go off in the morning, but it appears the Belmont School District will join a growing number of districts who participate in […]

Future of Cushing Village On Boards’ Agenda Tuesday Night, 969 Days After Town’s OK

Photo: After 969 days, still nothing built at the proposed Cushing Village development. In his 1953 groundbreaking book on sending men to Mars, German/American rocket scientist Werner von Braun estimated it would take 969 days for a spaceship to venture between the two planets, a time span von Braun dubbed “at the breaking point of […]

Obituary: Retired Fire Capt. David Frizzell [Updated]

Photo: Retired Belmont Fire Department Capt. David M. Frizzell [This article was updated on March 22 at 6 a.m.] Belmont Fire Fighters Local 1637 on Monday, March 21, 2016, announced the passing of retired Belmont Fire Department Capt. David M. Frizzell. Frizzell, who lived for many years with his wife, Linda, on Thayer Road, served […]

Appreciation: Belmont Girls’, Boys’ Basketball Did Themselves Proud.

Photo: Girls’ Basketball after semifinal win over Arlington Catholic. Dear Belmontonian: I write to congratulate the members and coaches of Belmont High’s Varsity Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball teams for their fine seasons and appearances in the MIAA basketball tournament. The boys’ finished a triumphant regular season as Middlesex League’s Liberty Division champions earning a first-round […]

Letter to the Editor: Rickter Brings Commitment, Passion to Authority

Photo: Paul Rickter To the editor: I know Paul Rickter as a vocal, engaged Town Meeting Member and a supporter of and volunteer for a number of campaigns here in Belmont. These include hands’ on contributions to the building of Joey’s Park, work on last year’s override which provided essential funding to meet town and […]